Let me first introduce myself. If you have not figured out by now, my name is Alex. I am tech guy in his mid-twenties living in south central Virginia. I love learning and creating things. It is hard for me to turn down a project, especially if I am helping someone else accomplish something- whether it's swapping an engine, building a shed, or just giving them a ride somewhere.

I recently finished up my bachelor's degree here at Liberty University while working full time the past several years in the school's IT department. I have been working in the IT field for almost seven years now learning everything I can. I started out as an apprentice while in high school for the township's IT department which lead to a paid position that same year. I fell in love with the idea of building things when I was just three years old with my first K'nex set. I remember way back then how awesome it was to put these pieces together, take them apart and build something else. Soon later I was using those pieces to build things that were not included in the instruction booklet that came with the set. As I would continue to build with these things at home, I would look forward to similar projects in school that required you to create something, from 6th grade where built a simple doorbell to building different towers in tech classes that had to hold up something while using the smallest amount of material. This lead to science teachers recruiting me in 8th grade to join the school district's Science Olympiad team to build bridges and do Microsoft Excel work. I worked with Science Olympiad while playing football and baseball on the side and also participating in our district's chess team and Bible study group.

Feel free to navigate the site and contact with me with any questions or concerns!